Miller Law Offices, PLLC provides you with the convenience and affordable fixed fee of an on-line estate planning service together with professional legal advice and individually drafted estate planning documents to meet your unique needs.


Miller Law Offices, PLLC is available for mutually convenient weekend or evening appointments, as well as regular business hours.


Miller Law Offices, PLLC’s fixed fee pricing structure includes all of the documents which the vast majority of individuals need to protect their loved ones.


Here’s an overview of Miller Law Offices, PLLC’s estate planning process:

  • Fill in a simple questionnaire
  • Review draft documents
  • Receive your documents with instructions to properly execute them

Here is an in-depth look at how Miller Law Offices, PLLC’s estate planning process works:

  • Begin with a secure, simple questionnaire completed at your leisure, in one session or in as many sessions as you need, to ensure that all of your pertinent information is included in the decision-making process.
  • Once this questionnaire is completed, an estate planning attorney will analyze your situation to make an initial determination regarding how your individual and family needs should be addressed in your estate plan.
  • An informative consultation with an estate planning attorney will be scheduled at a time convenient for you. Your options, questions and concerns will be addressed. The discussion will be used by the estate planning attorney to devise an appropriate strategy for your individual and family situation.
  • After the initial consultation, your draft estate planning documents are emailed to you. After you have reviewed your draft documents, a further consultation will be scheduled if needed.
  • Now that your outstanding questions have been resolved, any necessary alterations will be made to your documents. Final estate planning documents will be mailed to you with detailed instructions on how to proceed with signing or executing your documents.
  • Many people obtain living trusts from purely on-line services, but then do not “fund” their living trust. Only those assets formally transferred into the living trust will enjoy its benefits – for example, avoiding probate. Establishing a living trust and then failing to fund it is a waste of time and money, leaving your assets exposed to expensive and lengthy probate, as well as potential threats from creditors and others.
  • Miller Law Offices, PLLC helps you complete the final stages, wrapping up the process of ensuring your estate plan really does become effective, protecting your loved ones.